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Companies to Block Extremist Videos
Companies to Block Extremist VideosWhile companies are silent on whether rumors over the use of technology to automatically delete extremist content from their sites, it has been confirmed that they have met with the Counter Extremism Project (CEP) to adopt similar measures that Google, Microsoft, and Internet Service Providers used…
Japan abandons lost satellite
Japan abandons lost satelliteAstro-H satellite, also known as “Hitomi”, was a satellite sent by Japan´s space agency on February 17 to study black holes. The idea was primarily to study X-rays emitted by them. However, on March 26, contact with the satellite was lost. This brought all Japanese most brilliant…

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What is Pearl RearVision?
What is Pearl RearVision?Remember the last time you got into this super cool car of a friend of your parents that had a rear-view camera that allowed him to park more easily? There was a screen on the car’s dashboard that showed if the space was good enough to park and it basically was a video of whatever was behind…Read More
The EcoQube Air reduces stale air
The EcoQube Air reduces stale airMost of the Western world spends the day inside at a desk, which makes access to fresh air practically impossible. Lunch breaks can help, but you’re still looking at spending most of your day indoors. Luckily, the EcoQube presents an excellent solution on a number of levels. The EcoQube is…Read More
The GCW-Zero Gaming Console
The GCW-Zero Gaming ConsoleWhen the console wars between Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are at its peak, here comes the GCW-Zero Gaming Console to save the day. Sony’s PlayStation has amazing games loved by everyone, not any different than X-box, which seems to have better graphics. Then Nintendo, even though it does not…Read More

Bone conduction headphones
Bone conduction headphonesBone conduction is a circulation of sound from outer ear to the inner ear through the related bones of the skull. The bone conduction headphone is the latest in listening technology that allows the wearer to listen to music without blocking the ears. This sound transmission can be used by patients…Read More
Five free desktop gadgets for your PC
Five free desktop gadgets for your PCNowadays, we are addicted to technology and we spend a big part of our days in front of a screen. Sometimes, the basics of your PC do not cover your needs, and you need to get some cool gadgets to help you. The good news is that there’s no need to pay money for this; there are many great…Read More
Light up the show…literally
Light up the show…literallyMost of us can probably relate to the vibrant and feisty ambiance of a party at the beach during our college years. Maybe we have memories of that great concert where the drummer was killing it and making us jump to our feet. Parties can now get more exciting and concerts can be even more colorful…Read More

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